Visas and Passports

Foreign visitors wishing to enter the Republic of Korea must have a valid passport and obtain a Korean visa before coming. However, people of 90 countries who want to visit Korea temporarily are permitted to enter without a visa according to visa-exemption agreements or in accordance with principles of reciprocity or national interest.

Customs Allowances

A written baggage declaration must be submitted to a Customs officer upon entry.
Passengers must clear Customs through either the green, white, or red channel. Passengers who have no articles to declare should use the green channel. If a passenger declares non-duty-free articles voluntarily, the declared amount will be accepted and the clearance procedure will be expedited.

Duty-Free Articles:

Visitors' (non-residents) goods which will be taken out of Korea upon departure. (The total quantity of the goods should be declared for duty exemption).
Goods which were declared upon departure from Korea and are being brought back.
1 bottle (not over 1 liter) of alcoholic beverages and 200 cigarettes (50 cigars or 250 grams of tobacco)
2 ounces of perfume
For further information on goods subject to declaration and prohibited goods, please contact the Customs Information Office at Incheon International Airport.

Guidelines for Currency Regulation:

Passengers entering Korea who are carrying foreign or Korean currency valued over USD 10,000 must declare it to a Customs official. Departing non-residents of Korea who are carrying foreign or Korean currency (including traveler's or bank checks) valuing more than USD 10,000 must obtain permission from the bank of Korea or Customs, not including any amount carried into Korea and declared on arrival, which may be carried out without declaration to Customs. Residents of Korea must declare any currency or negotiable checks more than USD 10,000 upon departure. Please be aware that violators of these regulations are liable to be fined and/or otherwise penalized under the Foreign Exchange Transactions Act.

■ Prohibited / Restricted Goods
Travelers entering or leaving Korea are to take note of certain restricted items that are not to be carried in or out of the country.

Information for Arrivals

Preparing Documents:
Please fill out declarations handed out during your flight by the flight attendants in order to expedite arrival procedures.

1. Arrival Card - Foreign citizens need only to fill out an arrival card for passport control in Korea.
2. Customs Declaration Form - For families, only one customs declaration form needs to be filled out.
3. Quarantine Questionnaire - Passengers and crew who have been to countries infected by cholera, yellow fever or pests, must fill this out.

Alien Registration

A Korean embassy or consulate can issue two types of visas: a short-term visa for the visitor who wants to stay up to 90 days and a special long-term visa for periods longer than 90 days. A visitor with a special long-term visa is required to apply for alien registration at a local immigration office within 90 days of arrival.

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